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    June 9th, 2019
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    Alt Rock

Who Are We

Quick and Painless are a modern rock band from Madison, Wisconsin. Self-described as "third wave", Q+P offer up a blend of post-punk revival, pop-punk and garage rock to create their own unique sound. The band has performed on Summerfest stages, at Chicago's Navy Pier and even in someone's storage warehouse - but no matter where you catch them, Quick and Painless are sure to impress!


Haha...Walrus E.P.
April 2018
Pragmatic Single
May 2019
Pragmatic L.P.
June 2019
Gentleman Single
July 2020

Band members

Everett Karlen
Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
Ryan Badger
Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards
Gray Frandy
Max Beardsley

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