Who We Are

Quick and Painless is an up and coming alternative rock band hailing from Madison, Wisconsin. The band first began playing together in September of 2017 and has since gone on to become two time Rockonsin champions, released an E.P. and full length record and played shows everywhere from Summerfest to small warehouses. Combining the sounds of 70s rock, 80s new wave, 90s alternative and 2000s pop punk, Quick and Painless is sure to impress!

Everett Karlen

Lead Guitar/ Lead Vocals

Everett is the energetic frontman of Quick & Painless. His love for 90s alternative as well as bands such as Panic! at the Disco bring in many of our pop punk-y, sing-a-long choruses and driving guitar parts. Away from the band he loves spending time outside as well as being part of musical theatre.

Ryan Badger

Keyboards/ Rhythm Guitar/ Vocals

When described by his former band teacher, Ryan was said to be "living through an eighties fueled fever dream." Often surrounded by outdated keyboards and finicky Fender offset guitars, all while wearing excessively patterned shirts, Ryan brings a little synthpop flashiness to the band.

Emma Deppen

Bass/ Vocals

Emma brings in some of the coolest bass riffs out there. Her often dark but lyrical vocals have received praise by fans and critics alike. Emma was raised on 60s and 70s rock which helps to bring in the Woodstock-era vibe to Q&Ps sound.

Max Beardsley


Max's energetic drumming keeps the groove going while also providing some awesome drum fills to keep audiences listening. Outside of the band, Max is an accomplished classical oboe performer as well as being involved with pit orchestra at the local theater.